“Build It, And They Will Come” Is Garbage Advice for Entrepreneurs

Build It and They Will Come is Garbage Advice

If you build it, they won’t come.

The web is polluted with atrocious amounts of content. Heck. Maybe I’m polluting it with this very article. But I want to make a crucial point.

The correct phrase should be: “Build it, work your ass off, and maybe they will come if you don’t screw things up.”

Where the advice comes from.

This piece of awry advice comes from a movie called “Fields of  Dreams” featuring handsome and famous old-school actor Kevin Costner.

There’s a scene in that movie in which Ray Kinsella (played by Kevin Costner) is walking in his cornfields and hears this whisper saying: “Build it, and he will come.”  Within that movie context, the voice is trying to tell him that he should build this baseball stadium, and baseball dead legends will come to play in it.

The scene and the quote have nothing to do with success, business visibility, or online visibility.

Why the advice doesn’t work.

As I said in the opening, the web is polluted with atrocious amounts of content.

But not only that.

There are a lot of unique and competitive businesses, blogs, websites, apps, influencers, and other impressive stuff monopolizing people’s attention.

They’ve earned people’s attention.

So, if you want to attract people’s or your potential customers’ attention, you need to stand out – big time.

Maybe, in the beginnings of the world wide web, you could build it, and they would eventually come.

But now you need to be worth listening to, and even that doesn’t guarantee anything.

What you can do instead.

I have two options for you, the easy one and the tough one.

Let’s go first with the easy one.

1) You can niche it down.

That’s what I did with my digital marketing agency. I was having a lot of trouble trying to attract clients.

The keywords on Google to attract leads were difficult to rank for because more established agencies dominated them. Ad targeting on Facebook Ads was very expensive and wildly inaccurate

But everything changed when I niched it down to the health care industry, helping doctors increase their patients.

Keywords were easier to rank for, and Facebook Ad targeting was cheaper, more accurate, and more relevant for that niche.

What was the result?

Now I have a flood of clients waiting in line to work with me. Which, in my humble but accurate opinion, is worth it.

Ok. Now let’s talk about the challenging path to attract attention.

2) Create something outstanding and be someone worth listening to.

To attract attention within competitive niches and industries, you need to create something outstanding and be someone worth listening to.

And that it’s hard.


Because there are no step-by-step formulas to follow.

Some books try to offer roadmaps to accomplish this (and you should read them), but those things don’t work for everybody every single time.

So, if you want to go for this route, you should be willing to work your ass off.

But, as I said, it doesn’t guarantee anything.

What do you think?

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