Who the hell is Paco Acuña?

Paco Acuña
Paco Acuña

Hi, I’m Paco Acuña. A supposed entrepreneur and digital business owner. I’m 35 years old. I’m a husband, father, and son.

I was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, and I felt attracted to the digital world very early in my childhood.

Instead of going out to play with friends, I was one of those kids who would prefer to be in his cave, installing Linux on his computer, learning about computer networks, programming, and participating in digital communities (we called them forums back in the day).

Learning by myself has always been my obsession. I’m an autodidact by nature. I have it printed in my DNA. And I think that has been a key in my path as an entrepreneur.

In 2013 I founded the marketing agency I lead today: GrowMedical.org. A digital marketing agency focused on helping doctors and health care providers reach and attract more patients.

My daughter Rebeca and my wife Andrea are my two biggest loves.

My marketing agency, Grow Medical, is my pride, my second child, what I breathe each minute, what I think about every day when I wake up and go to sleep.

Currently, in Grow Medical, we are a team of 10 people (and counting). We have more than 120 active clients in more than 20 states in Mexico. But we also have clients in Honduras, Ecuador, and Colombia. Besides, Grow Medical’s digital info product business has customers in Argentina, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Spain, and others.

I’ve started this blog to share everything I learn in my path as an entrepreneur.

I’m 100% sure that someone will find helpful at least one of the ideas I share here.